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Co-founder Roberto Corona poses joyfully with his two grandchildren in front of a vineyard block.

Who are we...

2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

Our family has been in the Napa Valley since 1980, and since that time we have dedicated ourselves to farming the land with sustainable practices. Becoming well acquainted with this property has enabled us to create quintessential Napa wines that represent the essence from which they come from to be shared with the wine world and beyond.

Cabernet Sauvignon berries hanging on the vine displaying their dark blue color.

We Dare to Produce the Future of Napa Wine

Family Owned Wines

Co-founder Jesus Macie smiles for the camera right before carefully making an incision on the stem of a ripe cluster of grapes.

Sustainably Grown Vineyards  

In early 2009, a partnership was formed between lifelong friends Roberto Corona and Jesus Maciel. This partnership would facilitate the development of a vineyard property in the Napa Valley that would serve as a standard for grape growers of the region. The plan to develop said property was fueled by Roberto’s expertise in viticulture and Jesus’ passion for wine that ultimately gave way to the vision of formulating their own wine from fruit they cultivated to be shared with all of their friends and family.

Come 2013, we produced our very first estate grown wine, and since then have been fortunate enough to expand our small production to various small allotments enabled by the warm welcome by wine lovers alike. We feel honored, as we believe MaCo Vineyards is the true embodiment of the American Dream, and a true reminder of our passion and dedication of sharing our life's passion with all of you.

Two MaCo Vineyard red wine bottles laid over a bed of freshly picked grapes.

Terroir Driven

Napa Valley Wines With Intent. 

We aim to produce wines that are true to where they come from always working with the elements of mother nature and pressure of father time in order to achieve expressive wines. 

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